Sunday, April 10, 2011

The beginning

Things always have to start somewhere.  For us this blog is a place to share a little bit more about the passions which drive us - movies and comic books, literature and pop-culture, crafting and cross-stitch.  There was a day just before we began the Etsy shop when I had chinese food for lunch and the fortune inside my cookie at the end of the meal said this:

At a time where I was questioning whether I really needed to add one more thing to my already busy days I thought that fortune was positively providential.  We both love our 'real' full-time jobs... (I'm a fashion retail merchandiser and Mr. WLS is a zookeeper... seriously) but for us the Etsy shop was (and still is and hopefully always will be) the path that has heart.  We love what we do - our patterns, our customers, cross-stitching in general.  It's become such a big part of who we are in such a short time that I know the fortune cookie was right.  When you pick a path with heart, good things happen.