Saturday, April 30, 2011

I do do other things

I'm sort of one of those people who has a lot of hobbies.  A lot.  Actually, that's probably understating the scope of the number of things I've attempted.  Since the Etsy shop began, I do usually spend my time cross-stitching, but I know how to do any number of crafty things... knitting, crochet, sewing, scrapbooking, embroidery... I've tried it all!  And over the years all those hobbies have amassed a rather frighting amount of supplies.  That being said, I love experimenting with using non-traditional supplies for the hobbies that I do have!  Painting Aida cloth to cross stitch on?  Done it.  Crochet with kitchen twine? Check.  Embroider on scrapbooking paper?  Well yes... yes I do. 

Cool, huh?  I've been playing around with stitching on paper for a while (both embroidery and cross stitch).  I really love the selection of scrapbooking paper out there (and own a shameful amount for someone who has never actually done much scrapbooking).  At least if I stitch on it, it justifies the large amount of paper I own.   Want to see details?

They turned out better than I could have hoped for -- and so much nicer than store-bought cards! 


  1. Oh wow (I was going to put something like holy sh*t in the comment but held my tongue).. this looks so cool! I also dabble in a few different hobbies and scrapbooking is one of them.. i've stitched on cardstock but it doesn't look anywhere as fab as this! I'm thinking a tutorial might be in order?

  2. i stitch on cards as well, but i just do a back stitch. This looks lovely with the chain stitch.