Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So Glad We're Not The Only Ones

Okay, the truth is that certain members of this household pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe comic books.  We talk about it a lot, think about it a lot, and very often turn to each other and say - "this would be a cute cross-stitch".  And yes, we are completely aware of how nerdy that is!

It is of some comfort to know that we're not the only ones who think of comic book heroes as fodder for slightly non-traditional comic book art!  While doing my weekly troll around The Internets, I stumbled across this fantastic piece of artwork:

The print of which is available here: http://www.society6.com/studio/lishoffs/ABC_Superheroes

It's brilliant!  I think it would be perfect for a comic-book loving kid's room, and while there currently aren't any wee little feet pitter-pattering around our house, I think I might just have to buy it anyway... because there is one comic-book lovin' kid in this house - it's just that he's 34.

The real test?  Can you name all 26 alphabetically-represented comic book heroes??


  1. Oh I love it!! So perfect that the letter matches up with their superhero names/costumes so well!

  2. Love it! Just can't figure out M & Y. You would think I would be able to.