Monday, February 13, 2012

A Cross-stitched Home

Around here at Chez Wee Little Stitches we don't just talk the talk - we live, unashamedly, in a cross-stitched home - every wall, every room, has at least one piece of cross-stitched art hanging on it.  Would you like the tour? (if you click on the photos they get bigger so can see all the details!)

Entryway - cross-stitch on scrapbook paper
Livingroom - TARDIS from our Eleven Doctors Pixel People pattern
Livingroom - Dr. Zoidberg from our Futurama Pixel People pattern

Kitchen - "Given enough coffee I could rule the world" - Chris' original design
Dining room - Pixel People of our wedding party; quote Chris designed and gave me for our fifth anniversary
Livingroom - Crafty Chicks are Hot Pattern from our shop
Livingroom - my collection of pieces stitched from antique patterns
Hallway - Chris' collection of comic book/anime inspired work - Dragonball Z, Transformers, Pokemon, Green Lantern, Spiderman
Bathroom - monochromatic embroidery hoops with words -dream, seek, cherish, laugh, believe

Bathroom - Bathroom To-Do List pattern from our shop
Master Bedroom - Avatar: The Last Airbender Pixel People pattern
Studio/Guest Bedroom - cross stitched hoops by me, floral needlepoint by my Grandmother

It's a busy, busy apartment as you can see - and yes, that's a lot of beige walls, but we rent and there's not much we can do about that - other than cover every conceivable flat surface in stitching :)

So where do you hang your work?


  1. Lovely cross stitches! :)
    I have many cross stitch on my home's walls too! It's the best in my opinion: you can enjoy every day them and they are safe from dust!
    I love your works! they are all great!
    best regards from Italy

  2. Sensing a few themes there!!! Thanks for sharing! It's nice to know you both a little more! :)

  3. Great collection. I especially enjoy seeing your pieces from antique patterns. Of course I love your geeky designs, but it's nice to see you enjoy the tradition stuff as well.

    As far as my own work, I only have 1 piece in my livingroom. I've been cross stitching for 30 years (just a baby when I started :) most of it has been for other people, tho I've done a few Christmas ornaments I've kept for myself.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi guys, I'm a huge fan of your lovely cross-stitch designs. I would love if you design some for Napoleon Dynamite and Flights of the Conchord. I want to buy them and make a surprise for my husband.
    P.S. I loved your house!

  5. I love seeing how people display their embroidery pieces! :) I have a little section on my wall (I still live at home and only have one room to decorate) with several pieces, and then I have a few other hoops scattered throughout. And a few sitting on my bookshelves. :)

    P.S. I noticed the Chronicles of Narnia on your shelf...have you ever considered designing a Narnia Pixel People? I would definitely buy the pattern. :)


  6. i find it awesome that you guys liked the same kinda stuff and can express that with each other... i can only hope to find a lady that i can share who i am with, that would look like Natalie Portman( i love her shes so beautiful)

    1. After 14 years together our interests have sort of meshed... and now I'm a fan of things I never thought I'd like simply because he loves them! If you love someone enough what's important to them becomes important to you too!