Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where You Can Usually Find Me

If you follow me on Pinterest at all you know that I: a) pin a LOT of crafty stuff; and b) have a wee bit of an obsession for home decor.  This is especially funny if you know me because we don't actually own a house.  Right now we rent a flat in a heritage building which was once this city's first hospital.  It's a great building, but it's been completely stripped of any architectural details and painted and carpeted over in endless, boring beige which I detest.  So in part my love of home decor comes from a deep-seeded wish to be able to change my flat when I really can't, but really, mostly it comes from a voyeuristic impulse to see how other people live.

I adore blogs like decor8 and Apartment Therapy which let me peek in to the lives of people with much cooler homes than I have.  I find those wee little glimpses in to beautiful spaces so inspiring.  And while my own decorating style is pretty much non-existent, I still hold out hope that when we buy a home someday (soon!) I'll be able to take all those inspiring ideas and create a cogent whole out of it.

In the meantime though, how about a peek at where I do most of my work?  I do have a craft room, but at this point it's pretty much storage - we don't have any of that in this building and we seem to have so much stuff - and anyway, I do most of my work at the computer in the corner of our little livingroom.

(click to zoom in)

Yeah, we own a lot of books - this isn't even all of them and you can't tell in the photo but most of the shelves are stacked two deep and two high.  Also, that's our cat Ash taking her daily nap on the loveseat.  You'll notice that she's sleeping on the right and her catbed is on the left.  If I switch the catbed to the right, she'll sleep on the left.  Go figure.  You may notice there are four TARDIS' on the middle top shelf, there's a (huge) statue of the Transformer Devastator the next shelf down, there are a few Pixel People dolls hanging around waiting for me to photograph, we have a Thundercats wall calendar and this month it's Mumm-Ra, and all those neon post-it notes on the desk are the custom orders I'm working on so far this week.

So there it is - your peek in to our messy little world.  Not as nice as the offices you'll see on my favourite design blogs, but what can you do?

Look for new pattern releases (yes, plural!) this week - you know, once I work on all those neon post-it notes...

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