Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stitching for Sandy Hook

One of my favourite things about the crafting community is how big-hearted people can be - like the lovely Danielle over at at Kitschy Digitals who was looking for a way to raise some money to help the Sandy Hook Community in the wake of last week's terrible tragedy in Newtown CT. She had an idea for a fundraiser and we were only too happy to help (please take a minute to read her very sweet blog post on the topic). And so, we are very proud to announce our newest pattern – Look for the Helpers – inspired by a quote from the wonderful Mr. Rogers (still one of my favourite kid's shows!) and exclusive to our Kitschy Digitals shop, 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this pattern is split between the Sandy Hook School Support Fund and NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Illness). We are also donating all the proceeds from all our other Kitschy Digitals sales between today and Friday to the same charities. You can get the pattern here.
I know many of you, like us, live in other countries, places where the gun control laws and the mental health system are very different than those in the United States, but I also know that, like us, you understand how tragedies like these affect us all – no matter where in the world we are. We hope you’ll take a few moments to purchase this pattern in support of our chosen charities and that you’ll take some time to stitch it up for someone you love – or better yet, use it to teach someone to stitch – not only because it’s a wonderful way to spend time together, but because giving someone a creative outlet to express themselves is often putting them on a path to good mental health.

We'd like to extend a big thank you to Danielle at Kitschy Digitals for putting this together and for giving us the opportunity to help - and thank you to all of you too, from the bottom of our hearts. J&C


  1. I am SO TOUCHED by this. Just bought a pattern and am sharing it on my Facebook page. Thank you so much for doing this!!!

  2. PS: I decided to buy another one to give away on my blog!

  3. This is wonderful. Thank you for doing this.

  4. Is this pattern still available?