Friday, November 29, 2013

Make it a Handmade Holiday

It's no secret I'm not a big fan of shopping - after working in retail for so many years the mall is really the last place I want to be.  The crowds, the parking lots, the noise, the flash... I don't enjoy it at all.  

Growing up, my parents always tried to instill the idea in my brothers and sisters and me that a true gift, a meaningful one, is a gift which was given with thought and love; most often than not those gifts were made by my parents' own hands.

It's a special legacy which my family maintains to this day.  Planning everyone's Christmas gift begins long before December starts.  What can I build for them? Sew for them? Knit for them? Stitch for them?  Some projects take a long while, quilts stitched by my sister-in-law, or sweaters knitted by my Mum.  Others are a little quicker - cross-stitch projects, for example.  Weelittlestitches started because we wanted to design patterns which reflected our slightly non-traditional tastes -- and because it was so darn difficult to find patterns to stitch for brothers, fathers, and friends.  So many of you have embraced our designs for the same reasons - because it allows you to give something fun and special to the geeky people in your lives.

So this year we urge you to give handmade, rather than store bought - it's better for the soul - it's unique and truly says 'I know who you are and I treasure you.'  It doesn't have to be complicated and time-consuming... it just has to be made with love!   Bake it, sew it, build it... it doesn't matter, just make this holiday season!  You'll feel better for it.  And, just so we can help you with that goal this year all patterns in the shop are 25% off from now until December 3rd -- just use coupon code HOLIDAY during checkout to redeem those savings!

Happy Stitching
J & C xox

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  1. My husband got so excited that you guys do a Big Lebowski pattern that I bought it right away to stitch up for his xmas present! I didn't even realise there was a discount code (not that I mind paying full price since the money goes to great independent designers!), so now I NEED to return to your etsy shop to make use of the code and get yet more patterns for myself! :-D I love having an excuse to get more crafty stuff!