Friday, November 28, 2014

Meet Our New Line of Patterns!

If things have seemed a little quiet lately it's because we spent the entire summer and autumn working on a whole new line of patterns.  We love our Pixel People, but we've been wanting to offer something different for quite some time.  Inspired by our love of all things chibi, we're really pleased to introduce our new Pixel People Minis!  They're weelittlestitches but wee'er!  Cute, graphic, and quick-to-stitch, Minis are the perfect way to get your weelittlestitches fix in half the time.

So what's new?

Our new personal favourite the Fight Like A Girl Sampler

So pop by the shop, check out the new designs, and get your weelittlestitches fix in just an hour or two of stitching!  

Oh, and this weekend only (November 28th to December 2nd) you can save 45% on ALL OUR PATTERNS with the coupon code: SHOPSMALL 


  1. Love the mini's and thank you for the discount!

  2. Oh my gosh, they are so cute!! I really, really love the fight like a girl sampler ^___^

  3. I love the fight like a girl minis.

  4. ohhh wow...this is really good cuity pie