Friday, December 29, 2017

Stitchable Patches are in the Shop!

We're so excited to introduce our newest cross-stitchable products - patches!  These 3 inch round patches are now available in a 3-pack in both our shops so that you can create amazing cross-stitched designs to add to your jacket, backpack, knapsack, purse, or hat.  Made from durable, easy-to-stitch vinyl, our patches will stand up to the daily wear-and-tear of everyday life.  Every 3 pack also comes with a page of 6 blank charts, to help you with designing your own fun messages.

You can find the stitchable patches in our Shop and Etsy Shop too.

Patterns for patches will be rolling out in to the shop in the coming months, but we're pleased to offer you a free pattern here and now! 

Get your pattern HERE

We want to see what you make with our patches, so please tag us #weelittlestitches on your social media  <3  Happy stitching!  J&C


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