Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reflections on One Year

So... it's our one-year Etsy-versary!  Hard to believe an entire year has gone by already.  I must say after 2350 sales, 315 "likes" on Facebook (only 40 of which are our family and friends who have to like us) and 64 patterns we're still flabbergasted at how well it's all gone.  Like 'pinch-yourself-it-can't-be-real' flabbergasted.  Who knew there were so many cross-stitchers in the world?  Who knew there were so many people who shared our geeky interests?  Who knew that a few pixelated people patterns could prompt a lot of non-crafty sorts to pick up a needle and learn to stitch?

We certainly didn't.

We are humbled, truly and deeply, by our reception in the world of cross-stitch.  We never, ever, in a million billion years could have anticipated the success of this past year.  We thought we'd be lucky to sell just a few patterns a month.  Nothing could have prepared us for 2350 pattern sales. 

So really we want to take this opportunity to thank you.  None of this could have happened if you hadn't embraced our geeky little patterns so completely.  We love your enthusiasm for our patterns and for the craft of cross-stitch.  We love every relationship we've established with our new friends all over the world.  You've made our business and our lives a wonderful, creative, and exciting place to be!

We're looking forward to growing even more over the next year - there are big, big things planned for our wee little stitchy business... including an avalanche of new patterns, a plethora of cute finished products for you to buy, and a few magazine appearances too... we can't wait to share all those things with you.

Thank you again, from the bottoms of our hearts!

Happy stitching,
Jacqueline & Christopher xo

P.S... we want to give a little back!  For a limited time if you enter the code WOOHOO during checkout you'll save 20% on purchases of TWO OR MORE PATTERNS <3

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  1. I most likely know the answer to this question before I even ask, due to the nature of your sales being in pdf format, buuuuuut...Would you consider selling your pixel people patterns wholesale at all? I own a small needlecraft shop in my city and it is very, very difficult to find modern, contemporary needlework such as yours. I've been designing my own, but if you were able to sell wholesale, it would expedite the process greatly.

    Thank you in advance,