Friday, November 23, 2012

Oh, Is It Black Friday?? Maybe We Should Have A Sale

Black Friday (1940)

There's a sale at our shop too... but it doesn't involve getting trampled to death for a big screen tv or standing in line for 16 hours in the rain.  Just sayin'...

Use coupon code THANKS to save 20% on purchases of 2 or more patterns this weekend only.

Need help redeeming a coupon code over at Etsy?  We have a tutorial for that.

Want to give a really great gift this Christmas? Give handmade.

xox J & C


  1. Just wanted to say I love your patterns! I've bought several from you in the past, and I'm working up the pixel people Golden Girls onto a pillow for my sister for Christmas this year.
    I saw how Martha Stewart completely ripped you off, and it made me so angry.
    But that is why I will continue to spend my money where my heart is, with locally owned, small craft business owners who do what they do because they love it. No mega corporate craft/crap spending for me!
    That's all my rant. lol
    Love you guys! Keep up the awesomeness. :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! We really appreciate you supporting our wee little business!

      Handmade gifts means so much which is why we love what we do - so we can have a part in you giving meaningful gifts to the people you love.

      Happy Holidays! and Happy stitching!

  2. Check it out! One of your patterns had a cameo appearance on a HUGE couponing website:
    (check out the comments section)

    People wanted to know where to get your awesome pattern so I directed them to your etsy. Happy Cyber Monday!

  3. Thought I published a comment but can't seem to find it.
    Wanted to send you a hello from an old Queen's friend.
    Jackie, your site and work looks awesome. Hugs from Julie.

    1. Julie!! Hi!!

      I'm so glad you stopped to comment. Do you have Facebook? You should add me so we can talk. You can message me through the shop's page:

      Hugs back :)