Friday, March 1, 2013


We were so excited to be asked by Etsy to be one of the first digital product stores to offer instant downloads to our customers.  We've already had such good feedback from our own customers and heard such good things from other digital goods sellers that we've now switched the ENTIRE shop to be 100% Instantly Downloadable!

Why do we love this format so much?

  • Because no matter where you live in the world, no matter what time of day it is, once your payment clears you'll be prompted to download the files you just purchased.  No more waiting up to 24 hours for emails from us!
  • Because the download links pop up directly after payment there's no worry of any emails or attachments going astray - and no need to check your spam folders any more.
  • Because the digital files you've purchased are always accessible through your "Purchases" folder - meaning that if your computer crashes and you lose all your files, you can simply re-download the PDFs you've bought (this feature only works for the purchases made through the Instant Download feature and not past purchases).
  • Because it frees up a few hours of my day, every day - meaning we'll have more time to design new patterns, to get those custom patterns designed more quickly, and we'll never have to close the shop if we're going to be away from the computer for more than a day!

Want to know how it works?

All you need to do is fill your shopping cart as you always would, choosing the patterns you feel like buying that day.  Etsy will walk you through the stages of checking out, just like you're used to - that part of the process hasn't changed.

Immediately after you purchase your pattern(s), you'll be shown a link that leads you to the downloads page - the page where you can download files associated with your order. If your payment hasn't been confirmed, you won't be able to download the files yet. As soon as payment is confirmed, the downloads will become available from the downloads page. If you have paid with Paypal it can take a few minutes for your payment to be confirmed while Etsy and Paypal talk to each other - just be patient, it won't take long. This screenshot is an example:

photo courtesy of Etsy

If you're too busy to wait those few seconds, or if you're purchasing those patterns from your phone or someone else's computer and can't download the patterns right away don't worry -- you'll also be sent an email that lets you know your files are ready to download. This email is only sent after your payment has been confirmed and will be sent to the email address you use for your Etsy account. This screenshot is an example of that email:

photo courtesy of Etsy

Clicking the "View your Files on Etsy" link in the email will bring you to the downloads page, from which you can download each pattern individually. After downloading, you'll see the last date on which you downloaded that particular file - to help you keep track of whether or not you've saved the file to your hard drive. This screenshot is an example:

photo courtesy of Etsy

Some sellers have been reporting that their customers are receiving a "security certificate not to be trusted" message when they attempt to download their files - this is an issue that Etsy is currently working on, but I assure you the PDFs you purchase from us are very safe and 100% virus free (just as they've always been), so if you do see this message, please don't let it scare you away.  If you're still not comfortable downloading the files after receiving a message like this, please contact us directly and we'll email you the files just like we used to.

Please remember that this wonderful new feature is still in beta testing mode - which means that there may be a few quirks and bugs which need to be worked out - and since it's still in testing mode, the process may change slightly over time as the nice people at Etsy use our feedback (and yours too!) to improve and streamline the instant download shopping experience. 

As always, we want you to be 100% happy with your patterns and with our customer service, so if you ever have any questions or difficulties - with the downloading process, the PDF patterns, or with your stitching - please don't hesitate to contact us.  We love answering your questions and will do anything to fix any problems which might arise. And of course we want to hear your feedback - about us, about our patterns, and about this new instant download feature.

Happy Stitching!! x J&C


  1. Awesome feature! I just have one question: Would it be possible to have old purchases that were done before this feature to be able to download the files when possible? Or is it just for new purchases?

  2. so cool (& dangerous on my wallet ;) )