Friday, February 28, 2014

Charging Tax to Our Canadian Customers

Hello Fellow Canadians!  Just a heads up that because we apparently make too much money these days, the good ol' boys at CRA now require us to collect HST/GST from our Canadian customers - sorry!!  It's the law though, and we sorta have to go along with it.  If you live in Canada you should already be accustomed to paying these taxes on pretty much everything.

From here on out we will be charging the following tax rates only to our Canadian customers on all our patterns and finished stitchings:

Alberta: 5% GST
British Columbia: 5% GST
Manitoba: 5% GST
New Brunswick: 13% HST
Newfoundland & Labrador: 13% HST
Nova Scotia: 15% HSD
Nunavut: 5% GST
Ontario: 13% HST
Prince Edward Island: 14% HST
Quebec: 5% GST
Saskatchewan: 5% GST
Yukon: 5% GST

However, since we don't think it's fair that you should have to pay more than everyone else simply because of where you live, we are offering our Canadian customers coupon codes in percentages which reflect the amount of tax we are required by law to collect from you. 

You are responsible for entering the code into the 'coupon code' box during checkout (don't know how to do that? see our blog post about it) - the codes are not applied automatically.  These coupon codes will always be available for my Canadian customers and do not expire.

Please use the coupon code intended for the province or territory where you reside.  Because these tax rates are only charged to my Canadian customers, international customers do not qualify for the tax discount. 

Alberta customers coupon code: ALBERTA5
British Columbia customers coupon code: BRITISHCOLUMBIA5
Manitoba customers coupon code: MANITOBA5
New Brunswick customers coupon code: NEWBRUNSWICK13
Newfoundland & Labrador customers coupon code: NEWFOUNDLAND13
Nova Scotia customers coupon code: NOVASCOTIA15
Nunavut customers coupon code: NUNAVUT5
Ontario customers coupon code: ONTARIO13
Prince Edward Island customers coupon code: PEI14
Quebec customers coupon code: QUEBEC5
Saskatchewan customers coupon code: SASKATCHEWAN5
Yukon customers coupon code: YUKON5

Taxes are calculated on the amount spent after the coupon code is redeemed, so you will still see a line for taxes charged.

If you have any questions at all about the HST/GST charges for your province we recommend checking out the Canada Revenue Agency information available. We're also happy to answer any questions you might have.  Just pop over to Etsy and drop us a line.


  1. I say that's fair, especially after seeing those double digits! WOW!

  2. Having coupons for us Canadians is incredibly generous of you, thanks!