Saturday, November 14, 2015

Free Pattern for Charity - Pixel People Mr. Rogers

Some days it seems like a really dark world we live in.  As we sit here and absorb the news and images of the tragic terrorist attacks on Paris yesterday, we are reminded of how lucky we are to have woken up this morning with our family and friends beside us.  We fervently hope all our customers in Paris and their family and friends are safe and well.  We stand beside you. 

We are pleased to offer our Pixel People Mr. Rogers pattern for free to you all. (Get the pattern here or here).. It was originally designed after the Sandy Hook shootings as a fundraiser in partnership with the now defunct Kitchy Stitches site, but this morning we thought it was time to bring it out again.  Please feel free to download it and share it with your friends and fellow crafters.  We hope you'll use it as a tool to talk to your children about the good that still exists in the world.  Now, more than ever it is important to teach our children that we are meant to love, not hate.  That we are meant to help, not hurt.  And that we are meant to create, not destroy.

In lieu of payment for this free pattern, we hope you'll consider donating to the Red Cross.  We know first hand the good work they do!

Be kind to each other out there today.  Hug your children.  Create something good.