Monday, August 1, 2016

Introducing Flash Sale Fridays!

Yesterday's impromptu Harry Potter Sampler flash sale was so fun and went over so well that we've decided to do one EVERY SINGLE WEEK! Pop by on Friday to see which randomly chosen pattern is featured at 50% off the regular price. No need for annoying coupons codes to take advantage either. We'll automatically lower the price for 24 hours so all you have to do is put the pattern in your cart, checkout, and get stitching! So easy!

We can't wait to see which pattern we choose to offer first


  1. Dang, I missed the Harry Potter one! Would you be willing to consider putting it up just this week, in addition to the "first" pattern? I'm a big HP nerd, and would have loved getting it. It'd be a nice tie-in to the release of Cursed Child, too... ;)